By no means am I implying day drinking is a bad idea, in fact, it’s a brilliant idea. Who doesn’t enjoy a refreshing beer during lunch…or breakfast, I’m not judging.

And is there really a beer that’s not OK for day drinking?

I haven’t had the chance to day drink just to day drink in a while. It’s never really the right time or place as an at-home dad to my three boys – the 1yo is home with me all day, I pick the 3yo up at preschool at 11 o’clock, and the 6yo gets off the bus at 4 o’clock.

And I’m by no means implying my kids drive me to drink, because they don’t, but sometimes daddy just needs a drink!

Here’s how it went down:

  • I picked up G from preschool and he immediately began playing with his friends (note: there’s only really 4 other kids, at most): on the bleachers, through the grass, on the softball infield dirt.
  • He went over to “water” his favorite tree but didn’t get his underwear and shorts down in time, so pissed all over himself. Laugh, but chances are you’ve done that as an adult.
  • He stripped naked and came running over to me. Being a responsible parent, I had a change of shorts and outfitted him in those.
  • He resumed playing, this time sans underwear under his shorts.
  • Running through the empty,dugout, he shouted, “Daddy, don’t see me!” and there it went: poop rolled down his leg, onto the ground.
  • I scooped it into the plastic coffee cup I had in the car, wiped his ass, and headed home.

So, to say I earned that afternoon beer is impeccably accurate. I probably earned three, but only had one. At nap time, on the deck, in the sun, with my shirt off, when all was quiet. And it was awesome!

The heat wave we never got this summer finally broke – on this, the 5th day of fall. Upper 80s with 80-90% humidity for four days was a real drag, but it made those cold beers taste even better.

So what beers do you reach for when you’re day drinking on a Wednesday at noon? IPA? Session IPA? Sours? Regardless, here are some beers I’ve had (not necessarily during lunch) that are perfect for day drinking.

Beer Reviews

Founders Mosaic Promise
  • Location: Grand Rapids, MI
  • Style: American Pale Ale
  • ABV: 5.5%
  • Buffoon’s Review: This is the post schoolyard disaster beer I was referring to above and it hit the mark. Pleasantly hoppy (50 IBUs), this gem was brewed with only Mosaic hops, which explains why citrus and piney aromas immediately greeted me. It was a light golden pour with a pretty sizeable head, and the finish is all citrus, baby. It was almost 90° and I needed this…specifically this beer…even though I’d never had it prior. It’s a shame it’s a seasonal release because I’d drink this sucker all year-long. It’s simple (a single hop ale) and delicious – Founders does it right. Again.
Evil Twin Lost Souls
  • Location: Brewed for Evil Twin Brewing at Dorchester Brewing Co. in Boston, MA
  • Style: IPA
  • ABV: 7%
  • Buffoon’s Review: I think there was only one run of this (probably wrong) but fortunately, I got my hands on one. It poured almost a cloudy version of the yellow on the labeling but with a bright, clean, white head. I got a lot of tropical fruit on the pour (maybe mango?) that mimicked the taste. It’s your typical juice bomb NEIPA, complete with a dryish, juicy finish. I’d definitely be able to throw back a few of these on a hot day, but the 7% might throw me back after 3 or 4. Awesome beer overall.
Revival Brewing Night Swim’ah Belgian Wheat Ale
  • Location: Cranston, RI
  • Style: Witbier
  • ABV: 4.7%
  • Buffoon’s Review: Carbonation was high with this one as it poured a dark golden hue with an almost eggshell-colored head. Oddly enough, the smell of raspberries was almost absent on the pour. If it didn’t say “with natural raspberries” (in tiny lettering) on the can, I’d have no clue what fruit it was brewed with. The taste was a bit spicier than anticipated but balanced out nicely after a few minutes in the glass. It’s a summer beer and one that, at 4.7%, is easy to drink a bunch of.

Time to brew up an iced coffee (year-round for me) and straighten up a bit. I’d head outside to rake a little but I broke the rake (again) and it’s a bit windy to really rake productively. But damn I tell you what, fall temps are here, hopefully to stay!

Peace, Love, and Beers!

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