The place:
Lone Girl Brewery
114 E Main Street Suite 101 Waunakee, WI 53597
(608) 850-7175

The time: 10:40 am

The Beers:
(from left to right)
Speak Easy Ale: Otherwise known as a ‘light lager’.  It is what it wants to be.
Off the Rails: Session-able IPA..or ‘baby IPA’ as I like to call them.
Sweet baby Stout:Nice lil roasty stout..reason I say ‘lil’ as the roast isn’t prevalent.
Pipe Dreams: A very easy drinking ‘American’ wheat.  A nice summer beer for sure.
Right on Rye: The house rye IPA is mildly bitter.

(from left to right)
Dark Hondo: Roasty nice light drinking porter.
TowHead: I believe this Belgian single is well executed. Yeast upfront sweet than dry finish.
AppleSauced: This ‘cider tasting’ ale feels like a ‘cross over’ between a cider and a beer. I’d let this one warm up in the fall!
Double Trubbel: a sweet dubbel.
PWA(Pilsner with Attitude): Standard Pils, a nice drinker.
Ham the Astrochimp: A subdued double.

The food: Didn’t have any.

The verdict?: The Lone Girl is brewpub that’s growing into it’s will be interesting to see where they are at in a year or 2.