As the title of this posts suggests, I am very excited to be headed to the Beer Bloggers conference in Milwaukee this weekend.
Let’s keep this short and sweet!

I’m ready to hang with beer bloggers and talk some beer.
Pretty simple.

THAT sponsor list!
Full list can be found here:
Personally excited for…
Deschutes Brewery   @DeschutesBeer
Stone @StoneBrewingCo
Third Space Brewing   @thirdspacebrews

Great Venues!
The new Pabst Brewing Co
The MillerCoors caves
Construction not completed: Milwaukee Brewing Company
Lakefront Brewing
Good City Brewing
Brenner Brewing

The MIL!
The MIL, as locals call it, has seen a revival in brewing to complement its rich history.

Getting out of my box
With the exception of my buddies from Brewery finder, Jeremy and Joel, I won’t know any other of the attendees.  Getting out of my box and meeting new people in new places are things that keep me fresh.

I’m excited to learn more about blogging about beer and the craft beer scene in the MIL.

I hope to be updating all my social media channels this weekend and plan to go live at least once in the Daddy Porter Facebook group.

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