Did you know?: The Great American Beer festival judges and presents 92 beer styles!

Below I list my favorite and least favorite styles..with some of my favorites highlighted.

Daddy Porter’s favorite beer styles

1)Brown/Robust Porter

Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald
Central Waters Mudpuppy porter
Samuel Smith’s Taddy Porter

2)Double IPA

Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA
Upland Coastbuster

3)American-Style Stout

Dragon’s Milk Reserve: With Coffee & Chocolate
New Belgium Hop Stout

Honorable mention: Sours, all of them besides Gose, American Strong, American Pale Ale.

Least favorite styles

1)American lite

I would love to hear your favorite and least favorite beer styles! Leave them in the comments here or comment on our thread at the Daddy Porter Facebook group. Cheers!