It was late evening and I had just completed my 2nd full day at #homebrewcon.
This was the evening that ‘Club Night’ takes place.  This is where homebrew clubs from around the country serve up their best brews for convention attendees. It was a crazy, fun and cool evening.  You can catch my 40+ minute video over in our Facebook group.
After a quick shower, I am going through my swag bag to see what goodies I recieved.
I hear a party happening!  It’s on my floor.
Well, no surprise it’s #homebrewcon.. You didn’t come here for the sleep.
After attempting to ignore this party for about 5 minutes..seemed like 15. I grabbed a shirt, looked for my room key and headed over there to see what I’m missing.  Why the heck not?
The door shuts behind me as a hotel attendant from downstairs ‘flies around the corner’ after he hears the door close…
‘Is the noise too loud for you’?
‘Are you with that group?’
‘Yep’ (technically I was, no??)
“Ok, Can you tell them to keep it down?’
I proceed down the hall,..2 doors down. I knock gently. The door is ajar. It’s being held open by one of those bar thingies they have in every hotel.  I push the door open and barely make it inside the room.
This room is packed.  I say hello to the fellas near me.
‘Hey, the attendant from downstairs told me to tell you guys to keep it down’
‘Are you security?’
‘Nope, just a #homebrewcon attendee looking for the party’
‘Well, you found it!’
Meanwhile, at the front of the room, there is this young man standing on one of the queen beds addressing the crowd.
‘I really need to thank you’
‘Without you, we would have never made it this far’
The young man on the bed points to another person
‘My deepest thanks to you’
The young man points my way and says
‘Thanks to the gentleman I’ve never seen before in my life’
He was right.  Little did I know..but that young man was Marshall Schott from the fantastic website BRÜLOSOPHY.

Marshall moved on to thank everyone left in the room…got down from the bed and proceeded to collect money for a late night pizza order. Meanwhile, I kept drinking all the spotted cow that was being poured and I had a great conversation with the owners Jaded Brewing LCC, who sell high-quality wort chillers.
Once the pizza arrived, I ditched the party I crashed. These guys offered a slice numerous times while I was was bad enough I was up this late..but the smell of pizza drove me away..(trying to watch my waist here)
Got back to my room, a lil buzzed, but more ‘buzzed’ about who I met and how much fun/organic and welcoming many were during #homebrewcon.