Our ‘Ask a Homebrewer’ series begins with Darrell Humphrey!

Darrell is a proud at home dad of 2 boys. He is also the founder of Charlotte Dads Group.


How long have you been homebrewing?

I’ve been home-brewing for 6 months or so now.

 Why did you begin home brewing?

As an at home dad, I found myself bored during the days when my kids were sleeping. I’ve always enjoyed beer, but trying to make my own beer, was a challenge I couldn’t pass up. I started in June of 2015, as it was a father’s day present from my family. I didn’t know if I was going to like it or not, until the first batch was ready to drink and I was hooked.

 What styles do you like to brew?

I really do enjoy brewing all styles, since, most of them are the same process as far as the brewing process. I enjoy brewing the extract kits because of the cost of all grain equipment is much more than I wanted to spend starting out. I want to master the extract kit method before moving on to all grain.

 How has home-brewing changed your perception of beer?

Drinking macro beers for a long time and then switching to craft beer (homebrewing) has helped me to appreciate the craft beer industry and the local homebrewers who work their butts off to craft a great product. Most of them you will never drink in a restaurant or bar. I had the perception that craft beer/homebrewing was for elite beer people. Knowing that anyone can make great quality beer helps newbies like me succeed easier.

 Where do/did you find your homebrewing information?

For recipes I have to find out which style I want to brew first since I don’t like them all. Once I find out what I like to drink, then I’ll find a recipe that is a close to it and then I’ll manipulate some of the ingredients to make it my own. My local homebrew store is a great resource and have helped me greatly in making the kits my own.

Darrell can be found on his blog: Humphrey Adventures & Brewery, his twitter account, Facebook page and via e-mail at darrell@daddyporter.com.