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My journey into the craft beer industry begins here. One definition for the word journey is: a traveling from one place to another, usually taking a rather long time. Welcome to the Journey!

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Love for My Kids

No, I will not be sitting for the Certified Cicerone test this week.

I'm just not ready. period. The decision was made last week when the deadline to sign up for the test passed. The dominoes started long before that...... While I feel I did enough reading....I failed to do the memorization required to remember many of the details of...

I’m excited for the 2017 Beer Bloggers Conference in Milwaukee WI.

As the title of this posts suggests, I am very excited to be headed to the Beer Bloggers conference in Milwaukee this weekend. Let's keep this short and sweet! I'm ready to hang with beer bloggers and talk some beer. Pretty simple. THAT sponsor list! Full list can be...

Daddy Porter, The Party Crasher.

It was late evening and I had just completed my 2nd full day at #homebrewcon. This was the evening that 'Club Night' takes place.  This is where homebrew clubs from around the country serve up their best brews for convention attendees. It was a crazy, fun and cool...

My late Sunday morning at the Lone Girl Brewing Company.

The place: Lone Girl Brewery 114 E Main Street Suite 101 Waunakee, WI 53597 (608) 850-7175 The time: 10:40 am The Beers: (from left to right) Speak Easy Ale: Otherwise known as a 'light lager'.  It is what it wants to be. Off the Rails: Session-able IPA..or 'baby IPA'...

Quick Hits: The Isthmus Beer and Cheese Fest.

I was able to attend this festival as a beer pourer for the Parched Eagle Brewpub. Shout out to brew master Jim Goronson! If you live in the Madison WI area..you gotta stop by and grab a pint of Jim's beer. Quick hits The festival went from 12-6 with the 1st 2 hours...

What are your favorite beer styles?

Did you know?: The Great American Beer festival judges and presents 92 beer styles! Below I list my favorite and least favorite styles..with some of my favorites highlighted. Daddy Porter's favorite beer styles 1)Brown/Robust Porter Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald...

What O’so brewing company has taught me.

DRINK LOCAL BREW! I had not visited O'so brewing company tap room or brewery until late January of this year when I was on the Hop Head tours bus headed for the Central Waters Anniversary party. We made a stop at O'so before our stop at CW. The tap room was packed it...

Dispense Institute Advanced Training Course

Dispense Institute Advanced Training Course The Micro Matic Dispense Institute training centers are dedicated to improving draft beer quality through education. You will gain the knowledge to make a difference by applying new skills and technology to draft beer...

Brewing Microbiology and Microscopy Course

This hands-on course will provide brewers with the essential techniques and protocols for managing yeast and bacteria in the brewing process. Ample time is allowed for participants to practice the techniques demonstrated and for viewing their results. No prior...

Belgian Beer Styles Seminar

This is going to be a fun afternoon with Isthums beer writer Robin Shepard! April 30, 2016 This seminar on beer tasting and Belgian beer styles is a nonprofit event to support the teaching activities of the Fermentation Sciences Program in the UW-Madison Department of...

Dells Rare Barrel Affair – Saturday April 16th

Looking forward to this event. Check back for Daddy Porter's 'best in show' after the event. Featuring rare and barrel aged beers alongside the classic Wisconsin beers that you know and love, the Dells Rare Barrel Affair brings Wisconsin brewers together for a...

Contributor post: Bottle vs Cans; a Fight to the Death

It is a fight that has raged on for years. When you are away from the tap which is better, the bottle or the can? I am sure most people would agree if you said the best way to enjoy a craft beer is straight from the tap. A nice fresh pour can be a thing of beauty. All...