I had not visited O’so brewing company tap room or brewery until late January of this year when I was on the Hop Head tours bus headed for the Central Waters Anniversary party. We made a stop at O’so before our stop at CW. The tap room was packed it appeared before we got there. That combined with a tour and a set schedule didn’t leave me much time to sample their over 20 beers on tap.

I was able to return recently while on a education trip up to Plover and Stevens Point WI. Truth be told, I was never overly impressed or ‘moved’ by O’so’s offerings, but I rolled into the tap-house very excited to have more time to taste. Let’s just say,..expectations were met.

I ordered a flight of many of O’so beers and some others. All 40 of their house taps feature Wisconsin only beers. Let me tell you that there wasn’t a ‘bad one’ of the bunch. wp-1459082905196.jpg O’so Black Scotch Ale, Scarlet letter(’16) and Coffee Sweet Lady stout stood out to me all were well done. I have to mention the New Glarus Belgian Red.This is a wonderfully done ‘sour’ that New Glarus describes as a ‘Wisconsin Cherry Ale’..ok I’ll go with that. Regardless, grab this one if you see it!

I ended up being very impressed with O’so, but only after my 2nd trip to the tap-house and a flight of 10.

Lesson learned?: You NEED to visit a brewery’s tap house to taste them at their best!