My journey into the craft beer industry begins here.

One definition for the word journey is: a traveling from one place to another, usually taking a rather long time.

I think that term is going to be very fitting when I look back on hopefully a long and rewarding career in the craft beer industry.

How did I get here? The heck if I know! I just know that within the last few years that I’ve grown to love the diversity of this beverage we call beer. I’ve become fascinated by the history of beer. My love of science is fulfilled but the chemistry of beer and fermentation. Most importantly, I decided at some point that I wanted to get paid to drink beer.

I kid..

but not really..

Where do I go from here? Good question..a whole bunch of beer school, is the short.

The long is:
I will become a beer expert, aka Cicerone.
I will become a beer judge.
I will become a brewer.
I am a porter hunter.

The rest is hopefully compelling content for a blog…