Dispense Institute Advanced Training Course

The Micro Matic Dispense Institute training centers are dedicated to improving draft beer quality through education. You will gain the knowledge to make a difference by applying new skills and technology to draft beer dispense systems. Take the opportunity to expand the draft dispensing skills of your team. Hear insights from our field trained instructors, and leverage their experience as your staff gains the essential skills and knowledge needed to install and service draft beer systems.

Field Trained Instructors
Innovative Installation Techniques
Hands-On Lab Instruction
World Class Training Manual
Certified Results

Course Topics
Keg Package
Temperature and Storage
Dispense Equipment Components
System Balancing
Using Mixed Gas (Nitrogen / CO2)
Dispense Systems Designs & Applications
– Direct Draw System
– Air Cooled System
– Glycol Cooled System
Hands-On Installation Techniques & Practices
Quality Assurance
– Glassware
– Line Cleaning

This is going to be a fun class! I will have a full write-up once I complete this class.