I’m the new guy here…and feeling a bit awkward and intimidated, which for me, is rare. Awkward like the guy who shows up to a dive bar in a tuxedo. But mostly intimidated by the beer knowledge so many craft enthusiasts and brewers have. I’m pretty much the dumb jock of beer – but I’ve both accepted and embraced this fact. [On a side note, I have a Master’s degree in counseling, played then coached D1 college baseball for ten years and played professional ball for a little over a season.]

So I’m not a dumb jock…but rather a dumb beer drinker. But I plan on learning and self-educating.

I mentioned in the previous introductory post that I work a few nights at a package store. This means a few things. First, I get first dibs to purchase highly sought after beers. Second, I get to see people walk in and spend inordinate amounts of money on great beer. Third, I get to hear beer geeks quibble over different beers/breweries/styles on a nightly basis. Last, but not least, I get to see people aimlessly search the beer section until I offer to help them find something specific, at which point I direct them into the walk-in cooler, where the craftier beers are.

Also, I just figured out that Brett isn’t a person whose name is on a ton of beers, but rather a wild yeast strain, which almost sounds painful.

Black Hog Brewing’s Easy Rye’Da Session Rye IPA

Beer Reviews

Black Hog Brewing Granola Brown Ale
  • Brewery Location: Oxford, CT
  • Style: American Brown Ale
  • ABV: 5.7%
  • Buffoon’s Review: Here I was thinking I only enjoyed lighter beers and then, a few years ago, into my life strolled a woodsman with walking stick on a weird green can. I didn’t smell it so aromatic info is out of the question – I drank it. Slightly sweet with absolutely no bitterness. But be careful, it’s an easy drinking 5.7% ABV, so ease up after two or three. I didn’t pair it with the cheeses recommended on their website (Wildspitz, Tarentaise) because I’ve never heard of them – I did, however, pair it with a baseball game on TV. This beer is available year-round as well, so I can get my fix regardless of season!
Black Hog Brewing Easy Rye’Da Session IPA
  • Brewery Location: Oxford, CT
  • Style: Session Rye IPA
  • ABV: 4.8% on the can, 5.5% on their website. The 4.8% fits more along the lines of a session.
  • Buffoon’s Review: Not a ton of rye taste, or so I’ve been told, but I do know that a portion of proceeds from sales goes directly to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, so that’s pretty awesome. There’s some citrus flavor when you’re drinking it but I’m not sure which one. Slight hop bitterness but nothing too overpowering.
Kent Fall Brewing Co. Objective Reality
  • Brewery Location: Kent Falls, CT
  • Style: Fruit beer
  • ABV: 4%
  • Buffoon’s Review: Kent Falls is a Farmhouse Brewery who produces a pretty eclectic variety of beers – sours, IPAs, Farmhouse ales, etc. A good portion of the ones I’ve tried have been pretty delicious. Oh, what’s this? My new friend Brett is making its first appearance in the ‘Buffoon’s Review’ as well, which is awesome. Objective Reality is a “Brett table beer aged on cherries in stainless steel” even though I’m not certain what the hell stainless steel has to do with anything. As for taste, it wasn’t as tart or sour as I expected and the cherry flavor was pretty subtle. It looked slightly pinkish on the pour, which makes sense, and it was crisp and refreshing, even though it was only about 60º outside when I drank it.

This week I remained loyal to local Connecticut breweries was thrilled with the results. Three-for-three!

Peace, Love, and Beers!

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